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Welcome to purepurrfection. My little world. I love to create with psp and photo shop and my dezinz here are always free to download and use. Please enjoy. Here you will find scrap kits and quick pages papers and all kinds of fun creations for everyone. If you like what you see, leave me a hug;).
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sisters Tutorial

Supplies  needed-paint shop pro, any version will do
My sister word art you can down load here
Mask of your choice. I am using mask created by cat-370 you can down load them here
The scrap kit I used, is from wishing upon a star, you can visit here blog here, 
say thank you when you down load her beautiful kit
Tubes I used you can find here but you must have a license to use her tubes

No outside filters were used, let's have some fun.
Open up psp and the scrap kit, you may chose any paper you like, I chose
paper 13. Lets go to new image/650x530 copy and paste your paper, re size 75 percent.
Next open up the mask, go to layers/new mask layer,/source luminance. Click o.k
Now copy and paste the mask to your paper new layer. Make sure it is centered.

As you can see by my example I colorized my paper, you can too if you like to match your tubes.
 Next open up the staircase, copy paste as a new layer, re size 75 percent, make sure it is in the middle, Duplicate, slide this one over to the left hand side so that is is sitting on the edge
of the mask.

Open up the tubes your going to use, re size to fit. Place your first tube halfway
down the stairs, and your second tube should be a sitting tube. Place this one
at the bottom of the stairs See mine for placement. Next pick a flower you like from the kit
Re size 50 percent and place it on the left hand side of the first tube/duplicate, move down
to the second tube/duplicate again/mirror and place next to the second tube on the bottom to the right. Now on your layers pallet, make sure the flowers are under the tube layers.
I also added another flower at the top  see mine for placement, Get creative and add the flowers where you like.

Next back to your kit, and get doodle 23, copy paste, re size 50 percent, place it behind the first tube. See mine for placement. Next duplicate, move down just a little /image free rotate/20 percent. Now duplicate again/image mirror, place behind the second tube. See mine for placement

I also added a small drop shadow. That is up to you.
Next open up my word art, copy and paste, again see my example for placement.
If you want to add any extras, you can do that now, as you can see I added a
couple little butterflies, now merge/merge visable. Save as a jpeg/or png.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing for you, if you like my
work please let me know.
Again I want to thank wishing upon a star for her beautiful kit and thank you to
cat for her masks.
This tutorial was written by Brattys Dezinz

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