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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here is my very first tutorial

Demons Desire
Tutorial-Free to use.
Supplies needed-paint shop pro, I use xpro 3 but any version will do.
Supplies- Obsession Scrap Kit you can find here on my blog
Mask-by Cat I used her mask 600, you can find them here
Great masks, thank you cat.
Tubes I used is by Janice leotti.  You must have a lic.
to use her tubes. You can find her tubes here
This tutorial was written by Brattys Dezinz, my blog
Plug-ins I used was Simple. Horizontal grain.
Please do not claim this tutorial as your own
Now let’s have some fun.
Open up your psp. New image 600/600
Flood fill with black.
Open up the mask, go to layers, new mask layer, from image.
Next copy and paste your mask onto the black you flood filled.
Feel free to center your mask how you like it.
I put mine right in the center, and re sized it  to make it a little  bigger.
Next open up the Obsession kit, find the black frame.
Copy and paste/re size it how you like and rotate a little to the left.
Now duplicate and move under the first black frame. See my tag for position.
Next select paper 5, with your magic wand, click on the first black frame.
so you see the dancing ants, then go to selections, modify expand by 2, then
copy and paste paper 5 and then go back to selections and then invert, then delete.
You will do the same thing for the black frame 2.
Next open up the wire and copy and paste it, duplicate and rotate to the right
just a little.
On your layers pallet, move your wires so that they are behind the frames.
Next open up your 3 tubes, copy and paste tube one and place it to the far left
corner of frame 1 and re size to fit, you may have to use your
selection tool and take off any extra that is hanging over the frame.
On your layers pallet move the tube under the frame, this way it looks nice
and neat.
Next open up tube 2, the one with the rose, do the same thing you did with tube 1
see above.
Next open up tube 3, place this tube on the far right bottom edge
of the frame so it looks like she is sitting. Re size to fit.
Next back to the black frame,. chose a paper again same instructions as before
but this time you will re size the frame, re size it in half, copy and paste
tube 1 and place it to the far left again, re size to fit, layers pallet move  tube
under the frame.  Open up tube 2 again, you will do the same for this tube and re size the black frame, half size again, and place the second tube to the far right.
Re size to fit.
Once your happy with the way it looks, move it under the large black frames
so it fits nicely next to it. Slide it under the black frame just a little.
Next you will duplicate this small frame, and then move it all the way to
the top right hand side and place this one under the black big frame, just like you did
on the last one.
Next click back on the small frame 1. go to your plug in, simple then horizontial grain.
Next click on the small frame 2, then go to effects
photo effects, black and white film.
You can add a small drop shadow to both small frames.
Next open up flower 2, re size and place where I have mine
again you can add a small drop shadow to the flowers.
Next I added some small leaves and small flowers,
here you can add any extras you would like.
Next layers/merge all. Re size. Save as a jpeg pr png.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it.
Brattys Dezinz
Please stop by my blog Thank you.

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