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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here is another Tut I made Hope you like it

Reflections of a broken heart
Tutorial_Free to use
Supplies needed-paint shop pro I use x pro 3, but any version will do.
I can not supply the heart tubes because they are not mine. So you will
Need to go searching for a heart tube. I used a clear glow heart.
The chain and wire you can find on my blog, in my obsessions kit here
 I used the artwork of c.2010-2011 Charlie140588.deviant.com/Howl168155429.Tube of your choice.
Plug-ins I used was simple
This tutorial was written by me, Brattys Dezinz
Now let’s begin and have some fun creating.
Open up paint shop pro, new image 650x214
Grab your flood fill tool and flood fill with a dark color
From your tube.
You will need to re size your tube so it fits nicely in the left
Hand corner. Re size copy and paste your tube, Duplicate/ image mirror
Move to the far right. Layers merge visible
Next go to effects/plug in Simple/quick tile, then Simple again/horizontal grain.
Next copy and paste your tube again and center it in the middle.
Next open up the wire from the obsessions kit, I re sized mine/35 percent
Copy and paste, on your layers pallet move the wire so it is behind your
Middle tube. Duplicate the wire and then image/free rotate/rotate to the left/20 percent.
Click back on your center tube, go to layer pallet/blend modes/ chose dodge.
This will change the way your middle tube will look. You can even try other blends.
Now we need to make the small frame that goes around your middle tube, so.
Let’s go to new image/300x300, next go to your tools on the left and  find
The shapes tool. Next click on the rectangle/ then the square.
Chose the dark color from your tube and draw a square.
Make sure before you draw, that you make your background color transparent.
Stroke with 15. Change the vector to a raster layer/right click and convert.
Next copy and paste your frame and place it over your middle tube, now you may have to play around some and re size to fit. Once you like the way it fits. On
Your layers pallet move the middle tube so it is under your frame.
And again play around with it until it is nicely centered.
Add a small drop shadow.
Next open up the chain. Re size 35 percent, and you can colorize it to your liking
I made mine dark grey so that it matches.
Next open up your heart tube. Re size if needed, and place it on top
Of the chain, so it looks like it is hanging. Duplicate/ move it to the other
Part of the chain. See my tag for the example.
Next lets go back to your heart tube, re size it again so it is very small,
I re sized mine about 35 percent. Then copy and paste the heart and move it
To the far bottom left hand corner, Duplicate/ image mirror. You
Should have a heart in both corners now.
Lets go back to the first very small heart , make that layer active, then go to
Effects/simple/ quick tile. Then do the same for the other small
Heart on the right, pretty neat right?
Now again back to the left hand side small heart, make it the active layer, then
on your layer pallet, chose burn, see it made it black. Now lets do it on
the other heart.. Now if you look at your tag you should see small hearts
in all areas.
Now lets make a boarder, go to your tools then go to your selection tool
chose rectangle, with these settings.
Mode: replace
Anti-alias checked.
Now with your tool start at the top/left about an inch wide, and make it so that it goes
all the way to the bottom, then flood fill with your dark color, do the same on the
right side. Selections/select none.
Next go to effects/ texture effects/weave and use these settings
Gap size 1
Width 1
Opacity 100
weave color, use your dark color
gap color/ white
fill gaps checked.
Make the left hand side where you flood filled your color active, then apply the
weave effect. Repeat on the right hand side.
Add a small drop shadow, if you like.
Now for the top and bottom boarders, you will repeat the same steps
as we did for the sides, but your with will be half an inch size.
Now merge all layers, save as a jpeg/ or png.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it.
Brattys Dezinz
Please stop by my blog.
And if you like my work don’t be afraid to say so;)

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